Write Filenames: Filenumber with leading Zero(s)

Hello. I just started with Retrobrach (Instant buy) and still looking around.

Either I miss something, or it’s not possible to write filename with filenumbers with leading zeros, so I might need another manual step which would be great to avoid.

Is this something that could be implemented in a future version?

Use case: many image warehouse scripts use the file name for sorting. Withouth leading zeros, the 1, 10 and 100… are sorted together…

This is possible, but not with the built in tokens. Here’s the info from our release notes on it:

File numbers with leading zeros in the Write node tokens. We’ve not yet added a UI for this, but you can add (and it’s case sensitive) $FileNumber04$ in the File name: field of the Write node to have the file number of your image written out as part of the name, with a padding of up to 4 zeros. If you’d like to pad that number to 6, you would enter $FileNumber06$, and so on. Negative values won’t work! And asking for values over 100 is asking for trouble, since MacOS will be angry with you and not allow it.


Thanks, Gus. This got me closer.

One question: a couple of things, but didn’t get it right with the export naming:

A dash in front of $FileNumber04$ seems to confuse the parser, so no numbers are added. Setting Static text in front of the place holder seems also not to work.

CleanShot 2021-06-23 at 20.58.52

At the moment, I use the Set General Metadata node to set the a static title and use the title token with $FileNumber02$. Is this the suggested way to manually set the export filename?

(Btw. the application crashed a lot today, you got a couple of crash reports from me)


Thanks for letting me know about the bug, it was a rookie mistake on my part and it’s fixed in the latest build here: Latest Builds from Flying Meat

I’m not sure I’m following?

I didn’t see any of them unfortunately. Did Retrobatch offer to send them in, or was it via Apple’s automated reporting stuff? The Apple reports aren’t shared with us unfortunately.


Oh, yes. You’re right. I haven’t really checked the crash dialog, but I could be Apples Crash Reporter.

The application crashed several times yesterday, but not in a reproducable manner. It crashed randomly on selecting a node, moving a node or using a slider (e.g. on the sharpen dialog).

Next time this happens, I copy the content of the crash report and send it you.

Yeah, I realize, my message was a bit unclear :rofl:

The question was about renaming the export files. I wanted to give them a unified name, e.g. Export-01, Export-02… But I couldn’t add “Export”, or any other string, into the file name, and the $FileName02$: the exported filename was always Export$FileName02$ and not Export01, Export02 (and of course only one file left, as it got overwritten)

So I helped myself by setting the title metadata of the image to “Export-” and used the title token in the export filename box:

I am not sure if this is recommended way of naming the output files?

[UPDATE] With your latest fix, it works as expected. I can use a static text in the file name box, along with the $FileName02$ placeholder. Thank you!

What you did with the title token was a reasonable workaround for the bug. But now that the bug is fixed, it’s no longer needed (hurray!)