Request: Support for ICNS files

It would be nice te be able to read and write ICNS files and maybe asset catalogs.

You can read ICNS files, and use the Layer & Page Splitter node on them. Writing them is a different story though. I’ll add it to the todo list.

Asset catalogs are something I really want as well, so it’ll happen.

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I was just in the middle of some ICNS code, and I often forget that it has a maximum of 512x512 pixels.

If RB did have support for it- what would you want it to do for images over that, and maybe aren’t square? Or should it just assume things fall into that, and ignore cases where it doesn’t fit?

In my opinion it should scale down images and fit it into an transparent square like the image composer from apple did.

So keep the aspect ratio, and add transparency on the sides to make the image a square.

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