Creating ICNS files

There was a post from back in 2018 asking about ICNS file creation as a feature Request: Support for ICNS files

Has there been any movement on this, or have I missed the obvious? Would be great to have a workflow for changing images into icons for apps.

There hasn’t been any movement on this. In part, because Apple is moving away from ICNS and using files to store icons and such in, and also the asset catalogs are getting in the way as well.

What are you wanting from this feature? Just to smush a number of images together, up to 512x512?

Hey Gus, thanks for responding.

It’s for basic icon creation for mini apps I create out of scripts. To be honest, I didn’t even know about files until you mentioned it.

My thoughts were to create icons easily by dropping a file in one end, let the workflow manipulate the image, then output as an icns file. Generally taking PNG files which have alpha backgrounds to produce clean icons at the output end.

And yes, a number of images combined up to 512x512 would be the idea.