Inspector has vanished

Just installed Retrobatch 2 but now I no longer see the Inspector when I click on nodes. If I double-click on a node I do get to change settings, but I prefer using the Inspector. I can’t see any option to turn it on or off. Can you advise?

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If you press the spacebar when you have your nodes selected, you’ll get a large preview of your image as well as all the properties of the currently selected nodes on the left. It’s similar to what we had before, but swapped sides.


Hardly very discoverable, as my experience demonstrates. Personally I think this is a much worse user interface than in version 1. I regret upgrading and I’m tempted to revert to the earlier version, to be honest.

I’ll see what I can do in a future release to make this easier to invoke / use.

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That would be great. Don’t get me wrong, I love the program and use it a lot.

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I had difficulties after the update to find the settings at all. While I like the larger preview and the now discovered spacebar magic, I agree with David: The UI was better in version 1. It is too much mousing and clicking now.
What I like in the big preview: all settings for multiple nodes at once. Can we have that in a permanently open Inspector?
I wouldn’t mind if the node repository and the Inspector share the left pane (top/bottom or a simple switch)

But I shouldn’t forget to say: Thanks for version 2!


Couldn’t agree more. The new approach makes for a really poor user experience.

I am not a fan of the new snake-like connectors either - they result in a much messier canvas than before.

Hopefully these things get addressed or v2 will be getting binned.

EDIT: Just re-downloaded v1. Can I not have Retrobatch 1 and 2 installed on the same machine? Both seem to pull from a single registration field.

Currently, no. But I plan on putting an update out to 1.5 to make this work.

Will this change also make it easier to have both versions open at one time? To be honest, the current setup really makes it feel like v2 is really just v1.6 behind a paywall. Which is totally fine - i was happy to pay for the upgrade to support continued development. Just not happy about being delivered a worse UI/UX.

I would caution against this, especially if you have the same workflows open in both apps. Having two two apps open with the same bundle id might make MacOS flip out when it tries to figure out who to send Apple Events to (think Shortcuts, Droplets, AppleScript, etc…).

So I’ll just say, you can do this at your own risk.

I’ve put up a preview build of Retrobatch 1.5.1 which accepts RB2 licenses:

It also includes some bug fixes.

I have to agree that i prefer having the inspector visible at all times rather than having to click the tiny ellipses and then “show properties” all the time. The spacebar shortcut doesn’t make it as simple as it was before either… A change would be very welcome!

You can also double click on a node to bring up the properties! It’s a handy and quick way to get there.