A few queries around v2

By far and away my biggest gripe with v2 is the missing inspector panel. A truly mind-boggling design decision. My intention is to revert to v1 but have been playing a bit more with v2 before uninstalling (due to not being able to have both present on the same machine). I have a few other issues/queries to report:

  • Cannot scroll in the pop-up inspector where the content is greater than the available height
  • Why is the close button in the bottom left corner of the Preview window? Another really bizarre UI/UX choice. (I know i can close with another tap of the spacebar).
  • Why (as a registered Pro user) do i need to see (Pro only) against pro nodes? Why do they need to be differentiated at all? And if they do can it not be done with a simple *
  • The Style transfer node does not provide me with any options in the drop-down
  • The Multi scale node needs me to add a file name structure to each transform. This seems crazy when i could name them all as i wish in the write node with a single file name template. What should i even have as the name in the write node when using multi scale?

I hadn’t been using v1 much lately so these issues may well exist there too

And a couple of feature requests:

  • When i have a node highlighted and use the contextual Add node command could the new node not be auto-joined to the highlighted one?
  • Leading on from the above…if this is done when there are existing nodes after the selected one could the new node be inserted into the flow somehow to save me having to relink everything? There really needs to be a slicker way to insert nodes into an existing workflow.
  • Could we add our own presets to the Multi scale node?

Are you seeing this with the Multi Scale node, or a different one?

Because close buttons in sheets generally go in the bottom.

I think you’ll only see this if you haven’t registered it as Retrobatch Pro? You might need to restart it as well for all UI to update.

You’ll need to install an ML model in Retrobatch’s support folder for it to show up. Apple used to host some (I don’t know when they stopped, I’ll have to update the documentation on that), and you can create your own as well (though it’s more of an advanced thing to do).

It should auto-populate with a “File Name” token in there, and you can then add tokens such as @2x or whatever you’d like.

The behavior currently is to put the node where you’ve invoked the contextual menu. But I should add some code that’ll auto-connect it if it’s within a certain radius.

Using the Command Bar to select a node will attach it to the end of the workflow chain (or what RB thinks is the end).

That’s a good idea, I’ll consider it.

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Thanks for your responses.

Multi scale does do this but it means i have to adjust the naming convention for every scale. My point is that it would generally be simpler to do it just once within the write node - certainly if i just want something like imagename_w%width% etc.

But if we do need to do the naming within the multi scale node what should be in the write node for the file name? just the ‘File name’ placeholder?

Yes - the multi-scale node is where I encountered this.

Following on from my multi-scale query…here is the node that i am using. The files get written out using the width of the input image and so it ends up with the same name for all of these. Am I doing something wrong or is RB?

Just the File Name token will do the trick. The image is created out of the multi-scale with the new name you give it.

You’re not doing anything wrong. RB is using the input image for the width instead of what’s being done with the scale node.

This is obviously dumb on Retrobatch’s part.

Until I get this fixed (and hopefully don’t break any workflows out there) you can use the “File Name _w Image Width” tokens in the Write node, and you’ll get exactly what you’re after. For Multi-Scale, you can leave the file name just as the “File Name” token.

I’ve just now got this fixed for the upcoming release of Retrobatch 2.1, as well as in the latest builds. You can grab a preview of it from here: Latest Builds from Flying Meat

Good news!

Until the inspector is restored though i am back with v1. I’ll keep my eye on future release notes for positive news on that front.