"Write back to original images" bugs

Build 670

All the following pertain to Write Images nodes with “Write back to original images” checked:

  • If you don’t specify an output folder, the node is skipped entirely and the input is sent directly to output
  • If you do specify an output folder and the input is from a recursive Read Folder node, the input folder’s subfolder structure is duplicated in the output folder. So you end up with a bunch of empty folders in the output path that match the structure of the input path.
  • If you have an “Open In App” node after the Write Images node, it doesn’t work.

Thanks for letting me know about those- I’ll get them fixed.

Alrighty- I’ve got these fixed in the latest beta, which you can grab here: http://flyingmeat.com/download/latest/#retrobatch

Keep the bug reports coming,