Where to put the .js script?

Hi, I’ve been using a javascript to add functionality to Acorn, but I’ve recently reinstalled my computer from scratch and I need help remembering where to put the javascript script that scales a layer when I call the script. Can anyone tell me where to put the script?

tell application “Acorn”
tell document 1
do filter name “Scale Layer Down 10”
end tell
end tell

You’ll want to choose Acorn’s Help ▸ Open Acorn’s App Support Folder, and then in the window that comes up there will be a folder called “Plug-Ins”. You put the script in there.

I hope that helps, and let me know if you run into any more questions.


@ccgus Is it possible to have that folder stored in iCloud and have acorn read it? BBEdit does this and it makes it really easy to share that stuff across computers or if you get a new computer. I believe BBEdit sticks it in ~/Library/Application Support by default but if you move that to iCloud it knows to look there instead.

It’s something I can look into, but it’s not possible right now. I guess the idea being, that you want your scripts synced across multiple computers?

Thanks, this was perfect!