WebSafe Rename appends filetype

Hi - I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what.
Very simple flow: Open folder, Web Safe Rename, Write Images.
Since I’m just trying to change spaces to “-”, I chose “Write back to original images” and left it at that. I could never get RB to overwrite the original name though, so I tried “overwrite existing images” (and leaving that unchecked as well) and chose the same folder. That replaces my spaces with the dash, but it also appends “-jpg” before the extension (if I choose “_”, it appends “_jpg”).
Am I just choosing the wrong option?

Hello @lwhitten, and welcome.

There’s a little misconfiguration in the Web Safe Rename defaults, which I’ve fixed for the next release, but you can also fix real quick in your workflow. In the “Find characters” field of the Web Safe Rename node is a period. Just delete that, and it’ll fix the -jpg problem.

I have a beta with the fix up here as well: https://flyingmeat.com/download/latest/#retrobatch, though you’ll need to remove the WSR node and re-add it. But removing the period will do the same thing.

Let me know if that works or not for you!


Thanks so much for the quick reply & fix. Sorry I didn’t say this sooner, but this is why I love quality software from indie developers!
Thanks again