Watermark image with different dimensions


This is my first post in this forum.
I order this excelent tool that is Retrobatch, but unfortunately I think there is some limitations in watermarking images with different dimensions,
Other difficulty that I am getting is to select different watermark position by image.
I read that the other small watermarking application that costs 9 USD, allow to set different watermark position by image.
Is there any way to fix this limitation ?

If you can explain exactly how you want a watermarked image to show up, I can offer suggestions.

Hi ccgus,

I have different image dimensions and without independent watermark settings by each image it´s almost impossible to watermark all images at once.

I also have images that the watermark will be better to stay near bottom left corner and others on the bottom right corner, is this possible in your batch watermark process ?

Or even some at bottom and others on the center position.


You can use the Rules node to filter out images which don’t meet specific dimensions, and then create different watermark branches based on that- but a single watermark node isn’t going to be able to change where the watermark goes based on the varying dimensions.

It’s probably best to sort out your images into similar dimensions first, and then run them through the watermark.

Hi ccgus,

I realize that I need a more complex workflow for this work.

Thanks for your tip.