Very small, strange bug found

Hi, I use Acorn to prepare images for social media. Often I am in my gym working out, and during recovery between lifting weights, I use Parallels Access to share my Mac screen and prepare some images to help get ahead of later work. I do this using Acorn and I’m often wanting to move a layer a few hundred pixels to the right to line two images up side by side

On a Mac directly, typing command + shift and any arrow key will move the selected layer around in 10 pixel increments (or thereabouts), which is speedy and helpful. For some reason, though, if this is done via Parallels Access using a Bluetooth keyboard, or scripted using the system events key code command, the layer moves in one pixels increments. Way too slowly, in other words. Is there a way this could be fixed so that the layer moves at the normal rate (10 px per movement, or whatever it is)?

To test what I’m talking about, run this Applescript. It should

tell application "Acorn" to activate
repeat 16 times
	tell application "System Events"
		tell process "Acorn"
			key code 124 using {command down, shift down}
			delay 0.25
		end tell
	end tell
end repeat

It should move the layer in an open document much more slowly than doing it with command+shift+arrow keys would on a Mac directly.

(Doing more testing, it seems that the program is only “seeing” command + arrow, which moves at single pixels, and not shift + command + arrow, which moves at a faster pace, when being controlled through Parallels Desktop or a keyboard handler. I tested it manually typing the keys through Keyboard Maestro, and the results was the same, super slow movement.)

That is weird, and I’m not sure why it’s not happening, but I’ll look into it.


My guess is that the checking for whether the shift part of the keyboard being held down is not happening for some reason during some consitions.

It’s being checked for - but I think it’s being encoded differently via System Events and that’s why Acorn isn’t seeing it.