Version never updated?


i bought Acorn in the app store. i have Version 4.5.8 (11540). Now i got a new M1 Mac, and i noticed Acorn runs as Intel application. Did you never update the app store for existing users? Version 4.5.8 (11540) is almost a decade old…

Since the App Store does not have a paid upgrade track from previous versions, we have to release a new “product” in the App Store. We also lowered the price of Acorn as well to compensate for this. It used to be $50. At any rate, we have to do this if we want charge for major upgrades (which we need to do if we want to stay in business).

If you want to use an M1 native version of Acorn, then you’ll need to purchase Acorn 7 either directly from us or from the App Store.

I really wish there was a decent upgrade path - it worked for decades previously, but Apple just hasn’t found it in their heart to make it happen.

As a side note - I think it’s awesome you’ve been using Acorn 4 for almost a decade now. I like it when apps have a long shelf life.