Vector drawing in Acorn as a replacement

I have used two really really simple vector programs (the last being VectorDesigner) to draw pictures than put them into Acorn. After my last computer crashed out, I have to look again and think about using the vector part of Acorn, any advice about layers changing the shapes once created, anything?

Are you saying that layers are changing the shapes after you’ve created them, and you don’t want that to happen? Or are you after something else?

Something else, Just wondering how anyone uses the vector aspect of Acorn

Here are some links to documentation on using vectors in Acorn: (video tutorial)

And there are a whole bunch of vector specific design tutorials at the bottom of this page:

Let us know if you have specific questions about using vectors in Acorn!


Thanks… I guess part of my problem in using Acorn (especially for vector) is it is very complex, I don’t mean that in the difficult sense, but that there are so many things I don’t know about —> example, in that one video and the links I learned about twice as much as what I knew before, I never realized you could change things in those inspector boxes.

I need to point out, when you upgrade Acorn, now using v. 6, you change things… not always for the better for me, but better. However, that means sometimes your videos are off.

Here is what I have done before with vector programs (vectordesigner) I would paste a picture (usually of a person) and then with the vector tool… trace around everything and basically make a cartoon of the person.

I see you can do that, but it is a learning bezier curve… Which frankly, my problem, when you know one system, you have a hard time buying into the new

Like my favorite word processor is WriteNow, that I learned on on a Kaypro cpm machine and HAVEN’T used in 33 years ha

edit, my first image… took a while

I loved WriteNow :wink:

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