Using Acorn on my laptop after buying it for my iMac?

Hi Flying Meat Folks,

I love Acorn so much and have supported it for many years, but I have a simple but important question: I have purchased a license for the newest version of Acorn for my iMac but don’t have it on my Mac Book Air laptop. Can I download that version I paid for on my laptop too or do I have to pay for a separate license?

Please let me know. I’m on the road between homes and need some fast Flying Meat/Acorn help!

FYI, I ordered it straight from Flying Meat, not through the App Store.



Based on what you’re describing, you’re good. You just need to download it on your Air, and then register it with the registration information you were given when you purchased Acorn (it’s also listed in Acorn’s preferences if you’ve lost it).

Here’s the relevant section from our FAQ:

Can I use the same registration on multiple computers?

Yes, you may use your Acorn registration on multiple computers as long as it is only you using the license. And if you have a single Mac with multiple people using it, you do not need to purchase an additional license. However, if you have multiple computers and multiple people wanting to use Acorn, you will need to buy an additional license for each computer.

I hope that helps!


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