Update reports incorrect version number

I am using 1.44 and when I check for an update I get this dialog

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 11.50.47 AM

1.44 is the latest is it not?

It is! I’m not sure why it’s reporting otherwise for you.

If you visit the following URL and click on the “to regular releases” link, does it update correctly?



Very strange. What happens if you cut and paste (and press enter) the following line in the Terminal app? What does it print out?

defaults read com.flyingmeat.retrobatch SUFeedURL


That’s the update URL for the old Universal version (arm + intel) when I was testing it. I wonder how it got stuck in that mode?

At any rate, I changed things on the server, and it should now point to the latest version. Try an update and see what happens!

Seems to have fixed it

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