Unable to select PDFs for processing

I’ve just upgraded to Retrobatch Pro in order to extract images from some PDFs (and I’ve entered the new serial number into the Retrobatch registration dialog), but when I run a “Prompt for Files” any PDF files are greyed out and not selectable. Similarly, if I use the “Read Individual Files” option, and click its “+” option to add files, all PDFs are greyed out. Any idea what am I missing? (I’ve quit and restarted Retrobatch, and even rebooted, but the problem persists).

Well nuts! I’ll have to get that fixed. We filter out non-image types in the open windows, and technically PDF files aren’t images. There’s a quick workaround though- try dragging and dropping right into the canvas, or the files list for the “read individual files” node.

I’ll try and get a fix for the PDF selection problem up as soon as I can. It should be pretty simple.

Thanks - the workaround did the trick for getting the PDFs into Retrobatch. (Unfortunately, the images in the PDFs aren’t exporting, but maybe that’s an issue with how the PDFs were created, and not Retrobatch itself).

If you want to send a sample to support@flyingmeat.com, I can take a look at it and see if I can figure out why the images aren’t coming out.

And the PDF selection bug is fixed for the next release, as well as in the latest builds: http://flyingmeat.com/download/latest/#retrobatch

Thanks for reporting this!