Trying to change the file name AND write back to the same location

I have figured out how to save my modified file with the suffix I want, but only if I have checked the box to ask for output folder when run.

I don’t want to have the app launch from my droplet and ask me where to save the image - I want the new image saved to the same location as the original. If I choose “Write back to original images” it greys out the option for adding the file extension and automatically checks the overwrite the original image checkbox.

Is there a way to save to the same folder but add the suffix to the file name so I don’t overwrite the original (and don’t have the app launch and bother me and have to close it afterward)?

There’s a “Source Folder Path” token you can put at the store of the “File name:” field. That’ll write it back to the folder the image originated from. You can keep your other tokens in there as well, and it’ll write to a new image. You don’t nee the “Write back to original images” option enabled for this.

This looks very close to what I’m looking for. However, when I choose a Write Images block, it makes me choose a folder for the output. In my example, I have a folder called deleteme, and if I use the Source Folder Path token with my file name, it actually creates a folder with that name inside the deleteme folder. I want it to go to the REAL source folder, which has nothing to do with deleteme.

Forgive me if I’m being dense!

You aren’t being dense. The way to have a write node without a write folder is to hit the escape key or hit the cancel button when the folder picker sheet comes up. Then it’ll do the right (write? haha) thing.

I actually had a fix for this in the works already, I just hadn’t put it up publicly yet - but I’ve just done so. So it’ll work as expected in 1.5.1, as well as in the latest builds which you can grab here: Latest Builds from Flying Meat



Ok, hopefully NOW I’m being dense. With 1.5.1b I was able to create a write node and not specify a folder. I didn’t see how to modify an existing node, so I just created a new one.

However, I’m still not seeing how to have it save to the original location and have a different name. Without a folder chosen, it’s showing an error (and doesn’t execute).

Here’s what you want it to look like:

And here’s a sample you can use:
WriteToSourceFolderWithPrefix.retrobatch (3.6 KB)

Thanks - this works. Thanks for the fix (and your update message made me giggle.) Two thoughts.

If this was to be a droplet, I would want the write folder to be wherever the file original file was and not have to define a read folder. I was hoping to have the workflow start with a “read individual files”.

On this test workflow, the “open folder when export finishes” doesn’t actually happen.

You might already know this, but just in case - a droplet doesn’t need to start with a “read individual files”, RB will synthesize one for you and put it at the front of your node chain.

That’ll have to come in a later update. Right now it uses the main folder (which isn’t set) to open when that’s enabled.

Holy cow - I did NOT know RB will synthesize the read node! That is HUGE. Gives me exactly what I was looking for. You rock. Again.