Trouble cropping images

Hi, I’ve bought Retrobatch and want to use it to select and save a range of images of Chinese characters extracted from a Chinese worksheet generator site. Each PNG image is 2065 pixels wide and 2,923 pixels high. Each image contains (among other things) seven images I want to extract. I figured I could create seven “Crop” actions in Retrobatch and type in the x, y, width and height for each rectangular area I want, but it’s not working for some reason.

I’ve attached an example image to the bottom of this message. Using Acorn, I was able to calculate the desired rectangle for a character, for example:

width: 150
height: 149
X: 177
Y: 232

So I created a “Crop” action in Retrobatch and entered the same values there:

X: 177
Y: 232
Width: 150
Height: 149

In theory, I would expect this to crop the selected area from the image file so I can then can save it to another image – but every time I try this the resulting image is blank.

Any idea why this might not be working? Could Acorn and Retrobatch be using different ways of calculating rectangular areas within the image, or is something else wrong?


  • Erik.

Here’s my example worksheet:

I figured out the problem – Acorn has a preference setting called “Set canvas origin to top left”. That was checked, which of course changed the way it calculated coordinates within the image.

I turned this option off, and the updated coordinates now work to crop images in Retrobatch as they should.


Aha! That was my first thought and I’m glad you’ve gotten it figured out.

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