Trim to Edges removes only a tiny bit

For whatever reason on my MacBook Air the command to remove the transparent edges from screenshots doesn’t work. So I thought to automate the removal with Retrobatch.

But only a tiny bit is removed and not everything.


The difference is so minimal that I thought at first that nothing happened at all. But the dimensions of the screenshots are different. Just not enough.

Bug or feature? Retrobatch 1.4.4 on Monterey 12.1.

(I made the screenshot before the workflow was finished. :grinning: )


Sigh… 2 are too many pictures. The reply was too fast. The only thing missing is that I type too fast.

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So Retrobatch is doing the right thing here (as does Acorn). The window has a shadow around it, which is pretty faint and pretty wide.

And besides that you’re choosing to trim based on transparency, and there are no transparent parts to the image (the background is white).

What you’ll need to do is change “Trim by:” to Color, select white (if it isn’t already), and then adjust the Tolerance setting to something that you’re satisfied with.

Does that make sense? Let me know if not!

I expected trim to edges to remove all transparency. At least Affinity Photo works that way. I tried trim by color with white and black and with different amounts of tolerance. Doesn’t change anything.

If the Write Images Node is set to “Ask for Output folder” and the selection of the folder is cancelled the image is written because the folder seems to be cached. If the tolerance is set to 100% no image is written at all.

Hello again! Comments inline below:

Maybe the image was converted to a JPEG on upload. If you want to send the original image to, I can take a closer look at it. But the image above is a jpeg, and those don’t have any transparency.

That sounds like a bug - thanks for reporting it, I’ll look into it.

That’s because at 100% all pixels will be removed and no image exists at that point. I should probably only let it get up to 99.9999% or something along those lines.


I’ve sent an email.

And some more text because we need more than 20 characters.

Thanks for doing that - and I’ve sent a response! (Hopefully the Adjust Margins node will do the trick for you). And it looks like the forum software I’m using here turned your image into a JPEG maybe, so that’s what was going on with the transparency.

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Thanks, Adjust Margins works fine.