Trim to edges not working?


I’m having a weird experience with an image that I created using the dropshare screenshot tool.
I attached the image.

The weirdness I experience: neither Retrobatch nor Acorn seems to be able to detect the transparency around the actual motive. Acorn gives me this message at least: “No transparent Edges”.

Can you explain why it is like that and how I can remove those seemingly transparent edges?


Can you tell me what versions of Acorn and Retrobatch you’re using? I tried out the attached image in both, and the size went from 604x726 to 596x719. (Using Retrobatch 1.2 beta as well as Acorn 6.3.2). Are you using the exact image that you uploaded? And if you download that image from does it work as expected? I’m wondering if maybe some post processing was going on with the version I grabbed.