Trace the Burn Tool to a path

Is there a way to apply the Burn tool along a path?

I’m trying to create a wood burning effect on a woodgrain texture. I’ve converted the text to paths and was hoping there was an easy way to “trace” the burn tool over the paths.

If this isn’t the way to accomplish this does anyone have an suggestion?

I’ve also tried the the different layer blends but this doesn’t result in the desired look. . .


Hello, and welcome!

There isn’t any way to do it with the burn tool, however you might be able to do what you’re after with a blend mode.

If you make your path on a new layer, and then change the blending mode to Color Burn, does that do what you’re after? You’ll probably have to play with the color of the path a bit as well as the opacity of the layer to dial in the look, but I think it might work out for you.

Let me know what happens!