Text too High in Textbox

As I use the app, most of the text I add lands too high in the text box so that the tops of the letters are cut off and I have to add a line break before it to work around this, and the text box doubles in size. I am on MacOS 10.15.6, Acorn 6.6.1, using Font Book. Help?

I checked and it is a mix of OpenType Postscript, Opentype TrueType, TrueType, that all act poorly in text boxes. Runs about 35% of the fonts I have (as a designer - lots) do not work correctly. Help?

It sounds like maybe your baseline is set to a value which is pushing it outside the text box.

If you command-click on the Baseline: label in the text palette, it’ll reset all the related spacing settings, and your line height values should go back to what you’d expect.

If it isn’t- can you let me know what font you’re using (and maybe send it to me, with a sample.acorn file so that I can reproduce it on my end? support@flyingmeat.com )