Text box padding?

Sorry if this has been raised before, or is in the documentation. I searched through the docs, and searched the forum and couldn’t find it. I have a history of missing the obvious so happy to be corrected!

Is there a way to add padding to the inside of a text box in v7? I have some white text with a black stroke and line two of text in that box clips on the far left. I looked all over the place and couldn’t find a padding option, but I’m convinced I’m missing something obvious. The font I’m using is IBM Plex Sans.

Appreciate any insight anyone might have.

There isn’t any way to do this, other than manually adding some spaces yourself.

I’ll of course consider this a feature request!

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Great to know I’m not losing my mind :grinning:

I did try adding additional spaces but they didn’t seem to do anything.

Interestingly, when I exported to JPEG it wasn’t clipped anymore. Not sure if that means anything but thought it might be worth mentioning.