Support for tinypng?


I use Export > Export (Web & Other) a lot and always enable the Crush / übercompress checkbox to save myself and my users some bandwidth. This knocks things down a lot but when I drop these (optimized) pngs into tinypng they’re often reduced by a further 60% or more.

Is there anyway to automatically integrate tinypng into this workflow? I see they have a tinypng api so I can add a make task as a fallback plan but it feels like the perfect task for Acorn.



There’s no way to integrate tinypng into Acorn automatically.

However, reading up on tinypng, it looks like it makes smaller file sizes by reducing the number of colors. Acorn also has this option, which you might try to see if that gets things smaller for you. It’s the “Index PNG Colors” slider below the Crush option.


Thank you Gus. Indexing the colours seems to work perfectly. :pray:t2: