I’m going to bite the bullet and see what SuperResolution will do with the ancient pictures of my kids.

I have some pictures in my library that are so old they’re like 640x480 or 1024x768 but I also have some from the latest iPhone 15. It wouldn’t make sense (for my use) to 4x the resolution on those new pics.

Does SuperResolution just do the 4x upscale to everything?

Assuming it does, I wanted to use a Rules node to say if horizontal or vertical resolution was less than (say) 1000 pixels it should feed it to SuperResolution. The text input box on the Rules box for pixel dimensions is REALLY small… like one character wide. Looks like a bug, but a super easy one for you to fix.


Yes. It’ll 4x (or 2/3x if you desire) any images passed to it.

It’s an Apple supplied widget, and the size of it has bugged me for years. It’s not any easy fix unfortunately. But I’ll take a look at it again to see if I’ve come up with any other ideas.

Dang. Well, I understand. I’m shocked that a Radar on that wouldn’t get their full attention. :slight_smile: