Suddenly unable to open Acorn files through Applescript or Terminal

Hello, all. Big fan of Acorn, the program that actually cured me of my lifelong Photoshop addiction.

I use an Applescript to open a prepared file I often use for social media posts, but recently, in beta Version 7.1.3 (16020), this breaks whenever I try it. I am also running the current Mac OS beta so it could be related to something with that, but nothing else has caused similar issues.

My Applescript is

tell application "Finder"
open {document file "FACEBOOK MAIN.acorn" of folder "Images Main" of folder "WORKBOX" of folder "com~apple~CloudDocs" of folder "Mobile Documents" of folder "Library" of folder "pp" of folder "Users" of startup disk}

but it gives a “the application “” can’t be opened, error -1703” error 100% of the time. I also tried opening the file via Terminal, but got various errors.

Could it be something with the way the current beta is compiled that breaks normal app behavior? It’s kind of a pain not being able to use my script to open my file as I have done before.

That error is short for “errAEWrongDataType”, which according to Apple’s docs means “Wrong descriptor type”.

I’m guessing that the file that’s trying to be opened might not exist? Or maybe it’s of a different type?

You might also add Acorn to the “Full Disk Access” section of the Security & Privacy System Preference pane. It’s possible that sandbox restrictions are keeping Acorn from opening up the file.

Let me know if that works!