Special Number Format when renaming

Hello everyone,

I’m currently evaluating Retrobatch for our school. We will mostly use it for Website image formats. For some parts of the website we need special numbering for image names like 01, 02 or 0001, 0002. How is this possible to do when renaming file names?

Thank you!

This is possible to do. Here’s the info from the release notes a while back:

  • File numbers with leading zeros in the Write node tokens. You can add (and it’s case sensitive) $FileNumber04$ in the File name: field of the Write node to have the file number of your image written out as part of the name, with a padding of up to 4 zeros. If you’d like to pad that number to 6, you would enter $FileNumber06$, and so on. Negative values won’t work! And asking for values over 100 is asking for trouble, since MacOS will be angry with you and not allow it.

So your write node would look like this:

Fantastic. Thank you for your great support!