Snapping on/off shortcut

Is it possible to have a keyboard shortcut to turn all snapping on and off?

You should be able to set your own shortcut (for any menu item in any native Mac app, like Acorn) through System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts

Thanks, but that would mean to make 6 keyboard shortcuts.

I was thinking if it was nice to have one shortcut/menu item to turn on and off all snapping.

It would be very practical. You have the snapping on and then you move, or resize something, and then you press Cmd-Ctrl-N (this shortcut does not do anything, I checked :slight_smile: ) to toggle the snapping, you continue moving/resizing precisely and then you just toggle the snapping on again.

I’ll consider this idea. One thing you can do though right now is hold down the control key after you start a drag to turn off snapping, which might get you close to what you’re after.