Showing 100% preview

Hello again. :wink: Still learning.

When I want to view my image at 100%, I thought that the slider on the bottom right would do that, but it’s not the correct ratio. On this screenshot below, my canvas is actually 500 wide, but only displaying 1/2 at 250px on the 100%. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, again!

It looks like you’re editing your image on a retina display, which has double the pixel density.

Acorn will show a 1 to 1 image pixel to display pixel when viewed at 100%, so there are never any scaling artifacts (as do all modern image editors). If you’d like to view it how it would look like on your display in points (1 pt is equal to 2 pixels on today’s retina displays), then you can press command-2 to zoom to 200%.

I thought I’d like this huge iMac, but the resolution display has given me more issues than I’d care to say. I should have figured it had something to do with that!! Thanks again, Gus!!!