Scale Node is soft for downscaling

Is there anyway of getting Retrobatch to use Bicubic Sharper as the algorithm for the scaling? I believe it’s the last hitch in having my workflow perfect.

I’ve been testing extensively and Retrobatch for scaling down, while much better than using Preview or “Scale images” in Automator, is still pretty blurry compared to most other methods. (I also tried “Match even edges”, Medium, Low, and Nearest Neighbor.)

My results so far in order of quality, 1 being worst:

If we could get Bicubic Sharper - it would beat all of them by far! (the difference is actually quite large and immediately noticeable between Photoshop’s Bicubic Sharper and anything else)

I don’t know if that’s a licensing thing, but thanks for considering!

Lanczos is something I’m looking at adding in a future release. I haven’t looked into Bicubic Sharper, but I’ve added a note to investigate it, so if it’s reasonable to add I probably will.

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Awesome. That would be super crispy!