Saving web files

I save car and motorcycle images from various websites. More and more these files are downloaded in “webp” file format. After Acorn processing I need to save them.

  1. So say I start with a file called “my_wallpaper_01.webp”;
  2. After Acorn processing I select “Save As” where the processed file now becomes “my_wallpaper_01.webp.acorn”;
  3. Now I need to change the file type from “Acorn” to “JMPG” and the file name becomes “my_wallpaper_01.webp.jpg”
  4. Before saving I have to edit the file name to remove “.webp”

This is an extremely tedious workflow. Is there any way I could change “my_wallpaper_01.webp” direct to “my_wallpaper_01.jpg” via a “save As”?

Thanks in advance,

That’s easy to fix, which I’ve done for 7.3.3 and in the latest builds:

If you don’t want to use that version, the “Export (Web & Other)…” menu item will also strip the extension correctly.


Ahhh! That was sooo! simple.

I have had a break of about two years just using an iPad and iPhone as my only computer devices. For many reasons my experiment didn’t work (iOS Files is not quite there yet) and I had the opportunity to get a near new, hardly used, Mac mini M1from my daughter. It’s a slow job, but I am getting everything setup the way I like it and trying to get “the muscle memory” for all my old favourite app working again. Acorn was always one of those apps.

PS: I’m staying with 7.3.2 and “Export (Web & Other)” works fine!


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