Saving an image as an icon for my Mac

Sorry if this is a fool question but I don’t think I’ve ever tried this before. I took a screen shot of a simple image on the net, tinkered with it, and would like to use it as an icon for one of my folders. Using v6 I see in the ‘Save As’ menu that I can save it as a Microsoft icon but no mention of Mac. Is there a way to save it as a Mac icon? TIA.

There isn’t any way to do this - but there’s a simple way to set an icon for a file.

Copy the image (using the Edit ▸ Copy Merged or Copy menu item), go to the Finder, select your folder, press Command-I to bring up the info window, click on the icon of the folder in the top left of the window, and then paste. Your copied image will now be set as the icon.

Thanks for your reply and for the suggestion Gus. Actually I figured out I could do it that way just a few hours ago. :smiley: