Retrobatch Droplet support in 1.2 Betas

The latest Retrobatch 1.2 beta has droplet support! What’s this mean? Well, you can take a Retrobatch workflow and turn it into an application which you can then drag and drop images or folders onto, and have those run through your workflow.

The droplet app can live anywhere, and you can even put it in your Dock. So if you have a workflow which you use frequently you can set it up as a droplet anywhere in the Finder.

It’s a beta, and we’re looking for feedback on it. You can grab a build of the 1.2 beta from here:


Hi Gus,

This is great news! I just setup a droplet and it worked well. However, when I saved the workflow as a droplet, the workflow that I saved as a regular workflow (called test.retrobatch) changed to BaseWorkflow.retrobatch. Also, do you expect to be able to open droplets to edit them or are they write once kind of things meaning I should save the original .retrobatch file so I can modify it?


The workflow gets moved into the droplet, so you can keep on editing it. It changes name because that’s what the droplet app is expecting it to be.

You can re-edit the workflow by dragging and dropping the droplet onto Retrobatch. If it’s not letting you do that, try holding down the command key (the next build of Retrobatch should make it always open up).



I just created a droplet using the Social Scrub template and the Write Images set to “Write back to original images” and it did nothing. I then changed the folder to be Desktop and it wrote the new image (with a different name) removing the GPS info. Should be easy to reproduce. Please let me know if you need the flow or additional information.

This is now fixed in the latest beta (#677) of Retrobatch:

Try it out and let me know how it works out for you!


Perfect! Works exactly as I’d expect it to work. Thanks!