Resizing for passport photo

I’m a user of Acorn Version 6.2.2 (13222) on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G8037).

I’m at a lost here and looking for help.

I took a few photos intended for passports and visa applications and I need to convert them to 45mm high and 35 mm wide. Can someone highlight the steps to do so please?

Lastly, what advice do you have on Acorn options to remove flash effects? Meaning bright spots from light.

As a bonus, what would you do if there was shadowing in the photo? Are their Acorn ninja tricks to correct this?

I’m asking the above because I do NOT have an option to retake the photos. The subject is no longer present.

Thanks for helping me, newbie here.

If you bring up the rulers (via the View ▸ Show Rulers menu item), and control-click on them, you can change the measurement units to Centimeters. So 45mm would be 4.5cm. I would first adjust your image’s DPI, which will change how many pixels fit into a cm and then crop or resize after that.

Also- make sure to update to version 6.5 first, since it got some measurement improvements in it.

For bright spots, you might try using the Burn tool.

And if there’s shadows, you can adjust things with the Curves filter possibly.