Requests (things I would like to see available in Acorn)

I have a request for (Flying Meat) Acorn.

There are certain items that I use with Acorn that I wish there was a way to assign a keystroke to some functions.

For example: I would like to have a keystroke for Brezier Freehand, since that would be the one I used the most. I don’t know how difficult this would be… I think it would be great if other keystrokes could be re-assigned (I don’t every use P for panning, so I could take that)

The place I would use it the most would be in Filters… maybe for one of my presets.

I love Acorn…so . this is purely a request, not a complaint

I suppose there is some complicated way to do it, in terminal…

[in Nisus Writer Pro you can do this in the preferences]

You can assign keyboard shortcuts for Acorn (including filter presets in Acorn 6) in the System Preferences. Here is a link to Apple’s documentation on how to do it:


wow, thanks a billion

that is exactly what I wanted. Amazingly I assigned a keystroke for -Invert which is a preset fllter I created and the computer knew what to do… thanks again

Edit… one needs to make sure they spell right

for example: ‘Bezier Freehand’ is really spelled -> Bézier Freehand you need the accent on the ‘e’

This is great not only for Acorn, but for other programs of course!