Request: Function similar to "search and replace" LR plugin

Dear all,

does Retrobatch already has a function to copy a set of EXIF/IPTC tags to the caption field? This is a very comfortable way to copy e.g. aperture, location etc. into the caption field of the image.

Would be great to do that with Retrobatch as I would like to get rid off Lightroom Classic CC.

Kind regards

I actually started working on something very similar to this yesterday (though based around classifications going into description fields).

Just to be clear- you’d like to take existing metadata fields and then have them duplicated into the caption field? So the same data would be in there twice?

Hi ccgus,

that is what I want. The caption is shown below the pictures on my blog which is aperture, focal length etc.

Would be nice if this can be done with Retrobatch


Here’s something to try out in the latest build of RB which you can grab from here:

Also- this is a beta interface. I’m not quite to the point where the metadata stuff is done yet, but it might work for you and the functionality could use some testing and feedback.

At any rate- add a “Set Specific Metadata” node, and then a Description field. To get the aperture value in there, you can type in $assetMeta.{Exif}.ApertureValue$, and when run that value will be inserted in there.

For other values, you’ll need to know the specification field names for now. I need to add a general UI for this- so that’ll happen at some point as well. But that’s what I’ve got for today. Give it a shot, and let me know!

Hi ccgus,

whenever I enter the last $ of your expression $assetMeta.{Exif}.ApertureValue$, Retrobatch crashes.

Occasionally I write a really really dumb bug, and this was one of them. That’s what I get for testing with lots of data, but not just one piece.

At any rate- I’ve got it fixed in the latest build again:

Try it out again when you get a chance, and sorry about the crasher!

Actually- looking at the crash reports you sent in (I assume it was you-) it looks like I might have just fixed a different bug. So if it still crashes for you, I’d really like to know about it.