Request: Custom titles for (some?) nodes

It would help make workflows more intelligible to yourself and others if you could rename the nodes on the canvas. For instance, in my workflow here, that upper “Delete Metadata” node is connected to Rules and Rules. It would be nice if I could rename those two nodes to “PNGs only” and “JPEGs only”.

It could be that Rules nodes are by far the most/only useful ones to have custom names, since other node types have descriptive normal names and small text that presents the most important setting. I would be plenty happy if only Rules nodes got this feature; you could specify the big text, and the small text could say “Rules”. Or I suppose vice versa would be okay.

That’s a reasonable idea. What about if it was just the little status text at the bottom of the circle, right above the file count?

I could see other node types benefiting from this. E.g. the watermark nodes. I have a workflow that adds two Text Watermarks (in different corners) and it would be nice to see at a glance which is which.

I also like this idea. It would make it easier to follow some of my more involved workflows.