Quickly edit and save JPG/PNG files


is there a way to open a JPG, edit it and overwrite it with a flattened version? Currently Acorn asks my to save a new file when I press ⌘S.


Yes, you can turn off Auto-save and versions in Acorn’s General preferences. (Autosave is bad when someone wants to open up a JPEG and crop it and then go away for a while- and then whoops it’s overwritten your file).

Hello and thanks for your answer. Disabling the option will make Acorn 7 a JPG editor as I wanted. Great.

But what you say about enabled autosave does work differently in my case. Then the JPG never gets overwritten and ⌘S always prompts me to save as an Acorn file.

Even if you close and re-open the image? If that’s not working, what OS are you using?

Yes, even closing a file will show the file dialog.

Here’s what I do:

  • Settings: ☐ Layer warnings disabled, :ballot_box_with_check: Autosave enabled
  • Drag a PNG to Acorn
  • Crop the image
  • Press ⌘S to save or ⌘W to close the file
  • Acorn asks “Do you want to keep this new document” and suggests the “Acorn” file format
  • I also disabled the system preference “☐ Ask to keep changes when closing documents”

I’m using macOS 11.2.3 Big Sur and Acorn 7.0.2b1.

When autosave is enabled, the only images that will be autosaved are Acorn (.acorn) images. When an image that’s not in the Acorn file is opened up, it’s reference to the original file is thrown out so the Cocoa frameworks don’t autosave it over the original.

Acorn will see it as a (mostly) new image, and since it’s native format is .acorn, it’s going to prompt for that.

Your latest post says you have autosave enabled. So what it’s asking is the expected (as far as Acorn is concerned) behavior.

From your perspective- if Acorn remembered the original file type when asking to save, would that be what you’re after?

I just didn’t understand what consequences autosave has. What I’m looking for is the behaviour when autosave is disabled. So I can crop or annotate jpg and png files without producing new files or being asked for it.