Quick Mask question

When I open a jpeg photo and then use the Quick Mask, there is a reddish overlay that I then use a brush to work on. Then, switch off the Quick Mask and the marching ants appear and away I go to do whatever else I want to do. All is good.

When I open a RAW file and do adjustment in the window that shows up, click OK, and then it opens into the main window. If I then use the Quick mask, there is NO reddish overlay, so using a brush to make a selection is basically of no use. I am sure I’m missing something here, so what is it??

Good catch! We weren’t aware of this bug, but it’s been around for a while. It doesn’t have to do specifically with RAW files, but rather 64 bit images (which a lot of RAW files are).

I’ve got this fixed for the upcoming release of Acorn 7.4.2, as well as in the latest builds which you can grab from here: Latest Builds from Flying Meat .

Try it out and let me know if it works for you or not!

That seems to work. I have checked one file of the following kinds
NEF, CR2, AWR, and DNG from iPhone
So, I think I can assume that works as it should.
Glad to help. Appreciate quick response.
Charles J