Questions about using Fonts

I am having troubles understanding how Fonts work in Acorn (and elsewhere)

  1. When you Select Fonts in the Tools, you get the box that scrolls to show all the fonts installed but does NOT show a preview?

  2. if you select Edit>Format>Show Fonts you get a box that can show a preview.

  3. Is there any way to get a selection from #2 to #1?

  4. Otherwise, you have to type a starting name, just the first letter, and then scroll to the one you want?

Hate to be a pest about this. But, color me somewhat confused on this.

The font popup button doesn’t show a preview for the fonts - but there is a hidden pref to enable it. What you need to do is quit Acorn, open up the Terminal app (located in the Utilities folder), paste in the following line and press enter:

defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn7 displayFaceInFontPopup 1

And that’ll show you what the font looks like in the popup. Is that what you’re after?

Exactly! Thank you very much! I really do appreciate the support you give!!!