Prompt for Filename Help Request

Hi folks, I’m currently finishing up a Retrobatch workflow for processing E-commerce images (so it just reads the images in a designated folder) and saving them to a new folder (which then uploads them to a Shopify listing based on the images’ filename).

What I’d like to do is for each time the workflow runs, it prompts the user for a filename and renames each image that input plus a number sequence (these filenames are Shopify product IDs in my case, so the output filenames would be something like 2305923959_1, 2305923959_2, etc).

Is this possible in Retrobatch? Unsure if it would require a javascript node or not.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

This is a pretty good idea, and one that’s been asked for in the past. I’ve got a little plugin to do it now, which you can grab from here:

It’s the “Ask For Name and Increment” plugin, and you would use it in this order:

This also requires a new version of Retrobatch (I had to add some additional JS functionality) which you can grab from here:

Try it out and let me know how it works!


Wow, this was supremely helpful. I’m blown away.

I’ve got the automation fully up and running and it’s working great! Really beautiful to see it all in action.

I’m so appreciative of the effort you put into that plugin and for actually updating the app to make it work.

Hopefully this will helpful for anyone else that needs something similar!