PDF to SVG: how to do in Acorn

I’d like to use Acorn to transform a B&W PDF drawing into an SVG for web uses. The PDF is from iThoughts (a mind map app) and is only text and line. No color. No icons. When I’ve done some tweaking and try to export to SVG all I see is a vertically oriented white image, not the original horizontal B&W PDF.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong or if I’ve run into an Acorn limitation. I can accomplish what I want with Affinity Designer but I’d prefer to do this kind of work in Acorn if possible.

Here’s a link to the PDF exported from iThoughts: pdf link

Here’s my Acorn file after doing some small tweaking/resizing/cropping: acorn file download

Here’s the SVG that I’m able to get out of Designer: exported SVG download

I’m guessing Acorn is fully capable of doing what I want, but I’m misunderstanding how to use it best in this kind of scenario

Acorn can only import PDF files as bitmaps, and bitmaps won’t turn into SVG files.

If you re-create the image using Acorn’s shape layer tools, then those will be in a vector format that Acorn can export as SVG. But that’d be a lot of work, which I’m presuming you’re wanting to avoid :slight_smile:

So, Acorn isn’t really the right tool for what you’re after.

@ccgus Thanks for this clarification. Okay, I’ll take care of this via other tools.