Overwriting original images

Is it possible to have a folder of images and save the output, over writing the original images?

I am sure Gus will give you an (better) anwers… but I am not sure it is clear what you are asking.

under file, you can ‘open images’ which allows you to open several images into the file you are on

and there is ‘save as’

one of the things I use “export” when I have many layers in an Acorn file, and what to keep working Acorn (with all the layers), but also want to save the current version as say a jpg

you can export all layers… and it seems like you can make an animate gif from there, but I forget…

I probably have answered a lot of questions, but not the one you asked

@LibraryMonkey27 - this was a Retrobatch question :slight_smile:

@willoneal, it’s possible to this by pointing your write node to the same folder you’re reading from. It’s not done automatically for a couple of reasons, but the #1 reason is so that it’s not easy to overwrite your original files.

Other reasons are because you can have multiple input folders and files, and multiple outputs, so things can get a little tricky- like if you resize an image twice, which one gets saved over the original file?

I don’t know what a ‘Retrobatch question’ is… how does one use this

Just looked it up… will have to investigate some more