Overlaying pairs of images

I had hoped to use Retrobatch to overlay pairs of images. So I’d have a series of jpeg symbols in folder 1:

1 farm.jpg
2 cat.jpg
3 farm.jpg

and the rating symbols in folder 2

1 ***.png
2 *.png
3 **.png

So the output would be:
a farm with three stars superimposed
a cat with one star superimposed
a farm with two stars superimposed

But I’m not sure that I can overlay one file over another, only a static watermark over multiple pictures, or a picture over a static background. Or can it be done?


There’s no way to do this that I can think of with any of the built in nodes.

You could write a JS plugin to do that (and this assumes you know how to program in JavaScript + you know the Cocoa APIs), but it might get complicated pretty quickly.

Thanks August
My programming skills are in Fortran. For some reason high-level languages are now as complex as assembler was back in the day.
However, a thought occurs to me - there is only a limited number of different overlays so if the shell scripts that generates the files to be overlayed puts them into folders one per overlay then I can run a process multiple times to achieve what I want.

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