Output size and re-naming

G’day all,

I’ve created a workflow utilising a Multi Scale node to create 3 size variants from an original file. My expectation was each variant would be renamed with a size suffix, but it is not happening. Am I making a mistake here please?


I am wondering if the rename should be done in the ‘Write Images’ node? I can’t find any guidance in the manual.

I had some free time and answered my own question: to re-size, output and rename images with the image width in the file name, it is necessary to use a ‘Write Images’ node to change the name, not the ‘Multi Scale’.

It would seem more logical that the Multi Scale node renames the files, but that is not the case and Write Images node does it perfectly.

I’m glad you were able to figure this out. It’s something I plan on fixing as well - the Image Width token should really use the resized width and not the incoming width.

I’ve just now got this fixed for the upcoming release of Retrobatch 2.1, as well as in the latest builds. You can grab a preview of it from here: Latest Builds from Flying Meat

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That is brilliant news, thanks for fixing this August :smiling_face: As you probably gathered, I’m new to Retrochatch, but I have a very long background in workflows around image processing software and specifically RAW. Really impressed with the capabilities of your software and its potential uses, so glad I found it.

Superb! This is a really efficient way to take a single, high quality jpeg and output multiple scaled and renamed images.

I’ll pass this onto friends and colleagues.