Open a PDF at a specific resolution

Hi there,

I have a full vector PDF. The crop size is 420 x 195. How can I open the PDF at 1750 x 813 at 300dpi without losing quality?


You can throw a Set DPI node after the read node, and set the value to 300dpi. Then if you save it as a PNG, it’ll be rasterized at 1750x813.

Works perfectly! Thank you very much! :ok_hand:

Glad I discovered this. The placement of the “Set DPI” node seems to matter.

I originally had it after the “Layer & Page Splitter” node and while the (i) button on the preview pane of the “Write Images” node showed the correct image dimensions, the exported images were much smaller. After coming across this, I shifted “Set DPI” to directly after the “Read” node and before the “Page Splitter” and now I get the desired result.