Old versions of Acorn in the "Open With..." dialogue

I’ve been a big fan of Acorn for several years. The only thing I don’t like about it, and I realize this is the nittiest of nits, is that Acorn, and Acorn alone, displays previous version of itself in the macOS “Open With” dialogue.

When I choose Open With on a file, I am presented with:

[Default app if Acorn is not the default]
Acorn 2.app (5.0.1)
Acorn.app (6.3.2)
Acorn.app (6.0.3)
[other apps]

Is there a way to make it so that I only see the latest version of Acorn? I have been a customer since Acorn 3 and I have always let Acorn update itself.

This will happen when you have multiple versions of Acorn on your Mac. If you do a spotlight search for “Acorn kind:app” (without the quotes of course) you should be able to find them all. Delete the old ones, and you should be good.

Success! Thank you!

(My only regret is not asking sooner.)