Newbie question?

Hi all, first post here. I’ve had Acorn for a long time but not used it much until now. I’m a landscape painter following a tutorial series and in it the instructor, having first reduced a landscape image to greyscale, uses Photoshop’s ‘noise reduction filter’ to blur out all the detail. I’m trying to do this with Acorn and failing. As far as I can tell I can’t push the noise reduction filter beyond 10%. Is that correct? I can see that it’s making a difference to the image but barely perceptible. Is there another filter I can use which would have the same effect? I’m looking for a radical blurring of the image so that all detail is suppressed and it’s reduced to just soft edged tonal shapes. Thanks

Hello, and welcome!

You might want to try one of the blur filters under the Filter menu to see if that gets you close to what you’re after. And if it doesn’t, can you point me to the tutorial so I can possibly make a better suggestion?