Newbie question - organizing workflows

I’ve just bought Retrobatch, and I have a really basic question which isn’t in the documentation. When I create workflows, is the only way to run them to double-click the files and open Retrobatch, or create a droplet? What would be really practical is if I have, say, a dozen workflows in a window, which I could activate by dragging images on them, or something similar. As it stands, it seems like there are a few extra steps each time I want to use a workflow. Am I missing something?

Or another option would be to run them from something like FastScripts, like the way you can run AppleScripts in the Music app on selected items. It seems like there are a lot of steps to run a workflow. I will be using this on the fly with screenshots, doing things like resizing, converting to JPG, etc.

Or if they could go in the macOS Services menu, that would be another option…

Saving your workflow as a droplet is probably the best way to go if you want something to double click on or run from a scripting environment.

You can also tell Retrobatch to run a workflow via AppleScript or via the Terminal.

Having a little library of your workflows is something that we’d like to add in a future release, but there’s nothing to announce as of yet.