Newbie question - Layer selection issue


Nice to meet you all.

Just trying out Acorn for the first time and apologise for the low level question.
Been using Adobe my whole life so the switch can be a bit slow. Anyways,
can’t seem to find out how to turn off auto-select layer with the moving tool?

I don’t want the active layer to change with I use the move tool to move a layer.



Under the Acorn > Preferences > Advanced tab you should see the option to uncheck ‘autoselect layers’.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks a million! :slight_smile:

Why my option of uncheck is automatically getting checked?. Is it a software bug?. I have never been so frustrated in my whole life. What should I do now?. Should I re install the app?.

If you uncheck the “Auto-select layers” option in the Preferences, quit Acorn immediately, open it up again, are you saying that it’s now no longer unchecked when you open the Preferences window?