New User - Dumb Questions

Hello all,
Just starting to feel my way around Acorn and surprised to find myself lost while trying to do “simple” things. For instance:

Let’s say we have a comic pane with a speech bubble above the character.
I click on my Magic Wand Select, select the speech bubble and it’s now got marching ants around it and is totally selected. I can even delete it!

But what I actually want to do is outline it with a “stroke”. Like you can do in that other unspeakable app I don’t want to have on my devices anymore.

How do I do this?
I see a few different “stroke” menu items, but they’re all greyed out in this case. Apparently, they’re only available in vector shapes.

Or another thing I expected to be able to do:
Same selection, but now I want to make a “shape” from the selection.
How do I do it?

Of course I checked the documentation - so if you’re going to say “RTFM” then “TMTFP” (Tell Me The Forking Page).

Thanks for any help.

There’s no way to stroke or make a shape from magic wand selections.

You can use the various vector selection tools (oval, rect, etc.) and convert those to shapes which you would then add a stroke on. But it’s just not something Acorn can do right now for the Magic Wand tool.